Friday, October 8, 2010

Trousers for Tiny Tim

Continuing on with catching the blog up for the last 4 months of life...

Laura's beloved doll, Tiny Tim, gained a new pair of trousers, which I created by 'draping'. I'm amazed that they worked out so well! (Particularly as Laura 'helped' me for the entire process).

To create the trousers, I started with two rectangles, held one rectangle wrapped around the waist/leg on one side and worked out where the crotch should be. I then guessed the crotch curve and chopped that out of both rectangles. Next step was to sew the inseam of each rectangle up to the crotch curve. I then placed the two rectangles inside each other, matched the crotch curves and sewed the curve, thereby joining the rectangles together. Elastic was then added and voila, we had some trousers. I still need to make a matching top!

Ruby went from having lots of teeth to having a big gap. Initially she had 4 wobbly teeth. The front two were so wobbly that they moved when she breathed. Eating was rather difficult!!! The first tooth was knocked out at school while Ruby was doing the conga!

The second tooth fell out 2 days later ... it got stuck in a banana.

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