Thursday, November 25, 2010

Finished: Sanshi Table Runner

Last night I completed my Sanshi table runner (which will probably live on our piano). I am delighted with how it has turned out. It has quite an organic 'feel' and still needs to be washed, so it should crinkle up a bit more.

Today in My Creative Space I am getting ready to start sewing something for the STUD (Swap 'Till You Drop) Swap and the Pario Pannus Swap. I have both projects planned out and fabric purchased. For other creative spaces, visit Kootoyoo.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sanshi table runner

About two years ago I purchased ten 7" squares of Japanese fabric from the Sanshi stall at the Quilt & Craft expo. The fabric has been sitting in my stash since then for the right inspiration to strike.

I decided that it wanted to be a table runner, to live on the top of our piano, or possibly on our kitchen table. Each square was chopped into 4 smaller squares and a lot of shuffling and rearranging took place to work out the fabric placement.

At first I thought this placement was going to be the one ... but I continued to shuffle things around as I sewed.

For the quilting, I stitched in the ditch around the Japanese squares, then did straight stitching on the central panel, with each row being around 1/4" apart. I deliberately varied the width between the stitching, and from a distance you can see quite a nice symmetrical effect. Unfortunately up close it looks a bit more like a mistake!

Excuse the poor photos. I still need to do the binding, then I will take decent photos of the end product.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

R.I.P Dell Desktop

The last few weeks have been fairly frantic. My inlaws arrived from the UK. This is their second attempt to visit us this year. The first attempt was thwarted by the Icelandic volcano. The day after they arrived, our computer decided it was past its used-by-date and bit the dust. I had been regularly backing up ... but the backup had been giving error messages for about a month and I kept thinking "Ill do that tomorrow when I have more time". Silly silly me! I lost some sleep over that error of judgement, I can tell you! Thankfully Mr Computer Guru was able to retrieve all of our data. Phew!!!!

We had a 'bursting at the seams' house over the weekend as, in addition to my lovely in-laws, my parents arrived in their new-to-them caravan. During the weekend we went to the Castledare minature railway, which was heaps of fun. I really don't know why we haven't been before. I must say, the kids had a fantastic time in the 'van, and I very much enjoyed having a couple of very quiet breakfasts in the house while the kids ate in the van. B.L.I.S.S.

Our busy life continues tomorrow with Kid2 having Strabismus surgery tomorrow to correct his squint. Poor thing. He has to fast from 8am and we need to arrive at the hospital at 1:30pm. Not looking forward to the fasting at all. It is going to be tough!

As to the sewing/quilting side of things, a few weeks ago I was asking if anyone wanted to do a quilting swap. This has lead to the creation of the Pario Pannus Swap, and for November/December we are making and swapping a table runner. (Pario Pannus is latin, meaning to make or create cloth or rag). I have also joined another swap over at STUD. With our influx of guests, I haven't done any sewing/quilting, but I have many ideas, so watch this space!
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