Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sanshi table runner

About two years ago I purchased ten 7" squares of Japanese fabric from the Sanshi stall at the Quilt & Craft expo. The fabric has been sitting in my stash since then for the right inspiration to strike.

I decided that it wanted to be a table runner, to live on the top of our piano, or possibly on our kitchen table. Each square was chopped into 4 smaller squares and a lot of shuffling and rearranging took place to work out the fabric placement.

At first I thought this placement was going to be the one ... but I continued to shuffle things around as I sewed.

For the quilting, I stitched in the ditch around the Japanese squares, then did straight stitching on the central panel, with each row being around 1/4" apart. I deliberately varied the width between the stitching, and from a distance you can see quite a nice symmetrical effect. Unfortunately up close it looks a bit more like a mistake!

Excuse the poor photos. I still need to do the binding, then I will take decent photos of the end product.
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