Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Swap 'Til You Drop (STUD)

I made this mini quilt for the Swap 'Til You Drop (STUD) swap on Flickr. As my partner Leona has (finally) received it, I can tell you a bit about it.

It is a small quilt, measuring around 8" x 15" (tiny tiny triangles!) and was paper pieced using the Chasing Geese pattern from Forest Quilting. I tried a new method of paper piecing, which I *love* and highly recommend. It involves using Reynolds Freezer Paper, and folding the paper out of the way before you stitch the seams. This means you don't have to pull paper out of your stitching. Here is the tutorial that I followed. At first I was at a bit of a loss as to how to quilt it. Initially I quilted in the ditch around the borders and then bound the quilt ... but it wasn't quite right, so then I stitched the 1/4" lines in the borders and added some stitch-in-the-ditch around the geese. It is the first time I've quilted this way ... normally I do stippling.

I'm delighted with the completed quilt. I might have to make myself one in a different colour scheme.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Layout headache

My project manager and I have been trying to work out how to position the stars.

Suggestions most welcome. I think a couple of the blocks are 'sore thumbs' in the sea of stars. Maybe this is good and they add interest. Perhaps it is too extreme and I should turn them into cushions or piece them into the back of the quilt, and then make some more blocks for the quilt front. (I won't mention which ones I'm thinking of .... I'll let you make up your own mind)
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More Purple Star Blocks

Ruby's 7th birthday is looming, and so is my deadline for her single bed quilt! Her quilt is inspired by "Seeing Stars" quilt. The majority of the star blocks were made by the various participants in the Virtually Bequilted quilting bee. I have needed to make a few extra stars.
(The above block is actually square ... it is just how it was hanging on my display wall).

I really like the purple fabric in this one, however, it may not end up in the quilt as it is a bit too dark against the other blocks.

The above two block designs came from Amanda Jean's Seeing Stars quilt-along.
I need to make another 1 or 2 star blocks in pink. They will keep me busy for the next couple of nights.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A productive year!

Just a few of the things that I've made this year. It feels great to look at them all together. It is also interesting to see how my interests have changed. The only dressmaking I did was at the start of the year, then my Knitting obsession kicked in, and after that I fell behind with my Virtual Quilting blocks, so spent a lot of time quilting to catch up! It will be interesting to see what 2011 has install for me craft-wise. I am having strong urges to do dressmaking at the moment, plus I have Ruby's quilt to finish.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Pario Pannus dilemma

I miscalculated the width of the table runner that I am making for the Pario Pannus swap and have ended up with a quilt top of around 17" x 33", which is a great dimension for a wall hanging, and not so good for a table runner!
I considered trimming the design down to create the following, (around 12" x 33") however the flow of the colours isn't what I was wanting.

I spent a whole day debating how to approach the problem... how to find out what my partner would prefer without spoiling the surprise of the quilt! In the ended I decided to post photos into the Flickr group as I'd prefer to give my partner something that works for them! None of the participants know who I am making the table runner for, so that will still be a surprise, and the finished quilt will look quite different once it has been quilted.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Creative Space

Yesterday I posted my completed 'Swap Til You Drop' quilt to Oneygirl. I can only show you a sneak peek. When Oneygirl has received the quilt I'll post a complete photo.
I am currently working on my Parrio Pannus swap table runner. Once again, I can't give too much away with photos. However, here is a photo of my sketch in greyscale (which really doesn't do justice to the design ... )

Pario Pannus teaser

If you'd like to see more creative spaces, then head over to the Kootoyoo blog.Posted by Picasa
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