Monday, December 6, 2010

Pario Pannus dilemma

I miscalculated the width of the table runner that I am making for the Pario Pannus swap and have ended up with a quilt top of around 17" x 33", which is a great dimension for a wall hanging, and not so good for a table runner!
I considered trimming the design down to create the following, (around 12" x 33") however the flow of the colours isn't what I was wanting.

I spent a whole day debating how to approach the problem... how to find out what my partner would prefer without spoiling the surprise of the quilt! In the ended I decided to post photos into the Flickr group as I'd prefer to give my partner something that works for them! None of the participants know who I am making the table runner for, so that will still be a surprise, and the finished quilt will look quite different once it has been quilted.

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