Friday, January 21, 2011

The unveiling...

And here is Ruby modelling the skirt that she made on my sewing machine.

Photos were delayed yesterday by the missing battery charger ... it had been stashed in an incredibly safe place. No idea who could have done that ;)

The skirt is a simple rectangle. It is constructed from two layers of fabric, with the white layer a little longer so it pokes out from underneath the purple layer. The white eyelet fabric has a scalloped edge. Ruby did 3 seams ... sideseam, seam at waist to join fabrics together, and stitching to enclose elastic. I did all the cutting out, pinning, and overlocking. (She was going to do the cutting out, but became distracted by her siblings). I left extra room in the elastic casing in case her stitching wobbled ... but it didn't, and the elastic casing is a bit puffy due to the extra fabric.

The one large error was made by me! I didn't plan the order of stitching very well. The first seam joined the two fabrics together at the waist. We then did the sideseam and then the elastic casing. Unfortunately this resulted in the inner skirt layer to have the wrong side out (so the seams are visible from the outside of the garment). I should have sewn the side seams of the two fabrics first, and then stitched the two together (for the waist seam). I was going to fix it, but then when she was wearing the skirt yesterday the eyelet fabric was ripped and I had to do a darning job on the skirt ... and after that I thought it wasn't worth unpicking the bottom layer.

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