Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I had this idea .... it began as a sketch of a grapevine. I then tried various ways to use the design on fabric....

I wasn't that happy with the machine thread-sketching. The image was too flat.

Applique has potential, with the right fabric. (I was using scraps and the dark green fabric with light green thread is definitely not the way to go!!)

This wholecloth was my favorite ... but the design vanished too much, so I decided to colour the design in with fabric crayons...

Sutk experiment

...and then quilt the background in a McTavishing style.

Grapevine & McTavishing

I quite like the result! Now I just need to find some suitable fabric for binding.

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Nauli said...

I think, it looks awesome!

Mary said...

Just beautiful!

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